Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) TechnologyToday's communication systems require fast and efficient methods of connectivity. One of the best methods of communication is Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT). Here the signal is directly beamed from a satellite to a local dish antenna which, in turn, is connected to small dish antennas. The signal is sent from the smaller dishes to the local mobile servers, computers, or any such receivers. 

The VSAT technology is fairly young and is being harnessed to make communication through the Internet like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls more efficient. VSAT is also being used for mobile communication and mobile Internet connections.

Here are some benefits of using VSAT as means of communication:

Better connectivity: Unlike geo synchronous satellites that have very limited reach, the VSAT connectivity has a greater purview. Since the entire communication method is divided into various parts, it can be used to connect even remote areas to urban centres. Moreover, VSAT supports a greater bandwidth than the common methods of communication and has provisions for bandwidth control.

Internet communication: This method of communication allows better Internet connectivity and also WAN links. This form of Internet connection is ideal for domestic use. The Broadband connection provided through WAN links is steady and supports greater bandwidth.

Rapid disposition: Once the satellite is put in orbit, the setting up of the communication system is much simpler. This makes the VSAT process of communication also cost-effective because less manpower is required to maintain the entire system.

Hence, the VSAT means of traditional landline connectivity, Internet connection, and mobile access has revolutionised the telecommunication industry. With better communication and sustainable access to the Internet, VSAT is one of the best and cost effective methods of connecting remote areas and also has a strong viability in the commercial telecommunications industry.