Roman blindsFabric shades like Roman blinds lend a unique effect to a room. Their soft texture and fine prints give rooms a relaxed yet classy feel.

If you want to replicate the same vibe in your home, the Online Blinds Shop reveals several tricks below.

Soft Polish

There is no better window shade to add a soft polish to a room interior like Roman blinds do. They owe it to being neither fluffy nor cold. Unconstructed, flat Roman blinds, for instance, do not complicate textile patterns. For example, the relaxed Roman’s soft bow can polish off a casual breakfast nook nicely.

Arch Windows

Tailed Roman shades effortlessly style up arched windows. In this concept, the rings are inset far from the edges, then you can add a fixture or fitting to the room in the same style and colour as the fabric for a matching look.


Make a little girl’s room fun and vibrant with a singular fabric pattern and colour for window shades, bed headboard and footboard, and window seat cushion. In dining areas, the window shades and seat cushions can have the same colour prints.

Quiet Complements

Flat, transparent Romans can blend in quietly with the room’s furnishings, floors and accessories. It won’t hurt to add volume at the shade’s bottom (e.g. swag or winged offshoots). An all-white bathroom with light, semi-transparent shades would need that additional richness.

Elegant and Modern

Scallop bottoms, panel cascades, fringe bottoms and top button closures speak of a highly decorative look. Austrian Roman shades are the choice for formal style, while you can choose pleated, Asian-inspired shades for a Zen-like theme and embellished shades for opulence.

These are only a few examples of what Roman blinds can do for your room. Other common styles include classy and traditional, modern and minimalist, masculine and stylish. The choice would depend on your overall theme. Even your home’s architecture would speak of that and accessories like blinds have to fit in.