funerals in Ottawa Funerals are done according to one’s religion and culture. They are generally for bidding farewells to a loved one and a way to celebrate the life they had fully lived. It is also a time to gather friends, families, to remember and celebrate a life well-lived.

Personalizing a funeral is becoming a popular trend, however.  From turning your ashes into a tree or jetting it through outer space, the choices seem endless and some even go to new heights to make the funeral unique.

Ultimately, personalized funerals try to make the occasion more intimate and a way of remembering the person who passed away. It could also help start the healing process among friends and family. Here are some thoughtful and creative ideas on how to personalize a funeral:

Selecting a Central Theme

The theme can revolve around the deceased’s hobbies. thinks having floral arrangements of the deceased’s favorite sport, like baseball or football, is a lovely way to commemorate their interests.

For some surfers, they would receive a paddle-out ceremony where family and close friends paddle out to the ocean on surf boards.

Choosing Food and Drinks

Other than water and coffee, you can serve favorite snacks and drinks of your loved one. This simple tribute can really personalize the gathering and spark memories and fond conversations.

Creative Photo Displays

Arranging photo displays during the funeral is a great visual way to show the journey of a loved one throughout their life. It could be the simple baby pictures until adulthood display. For people who loved traveling, you can also show their different destinations and ask for the funeral director’s help when it comes to executing it perfectly.

Funerals can come in different themes, but its main goal is laying our loved one to rest, saying our goodbyes, and remembering them even when they are gone.