Construction in StaffordshireAccidents are frequent in the construction industry; almost every possible health and safety hazard occurs in this sector, which is why more companies take extra caution every year. Keep employees safe by educating yourself about construction equipment and how to use them properly. Below are four of them.


Typically made of wooden planks and metal poles, scaffolding is one of the most common construction equipment. When unstable and mishandled, fall hazards can occur. Prevent this from happening by erecting scaffolding on a solid surface with a capacity for heavyweights. Use tight and undamaged rigging and protective guardrails, toeboards and mid rails when doing so. Furthermore, make sure that a qualified supervisor oversees the erecting of a scaffold to ensure its stability.

Ladders and Platforms

Ladders and platforms are common sources of injuries and fatalities among construction workers. When using a ladder, make sure that it is on a firm base and rises at least one metre beyond the landing place. In addition, do not lean out from a ladder even if you have a sturdy base. As for platforms, only experienced operators should handle and operate them. It is advisable to use high-quality platforms, ideally made of steel, according to a company of platform for hire in Staffordshire, England.

Cranes and Forklifts

Known to be heavy and battery-operated, cranes and forklifts require professional handling when used on a construction site. Prevent slips and injuries from occurring by using proper gloves and footgear, preferably those with exceptional traction, advised an expert from In addition, it is advisable to use a spotter for guidance, especially when tracking deep and vague areas. Ensure that you have enough room to manoeuvre your vehicle and equipment as to prevent accidents among co-construction workers.


Trench collapses may result in serious injuries, which is why it is important to employ a professional engineer when planning to use one for construction. Make sure to provide an exit such as a ladder, stairway or ramp, as to further ensure the safety of your engineer. In addition, don’t forget to provide trench boxes to prevent soil cave-ins.

Preparedness and proper usage of equipment are always the keys to keeping a construction site accident-free. Know your equipment and never take the risk even when needed.