Leather FurnitureLeather furniture can do a lot of wonders for you home. It can render your space more appealing and luxurious. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it can also stand the test of time, given that you take care of it properly. As such, it always makes a worthy investment.

Keep in mind, however, that it is not always a cheap investment. Depending on the grade of the material, it can be costly. With that, you should know the right ways of keeping the aesthetics and utility of your furniture.

Here are some pointers that can help you:

Seal the Appeal

If you’ve recently bought a new piece, protect it right away by applying a leather protector. There are many protectors available in the market, but choose the one that suits the grade of your leather. In case you bought a second-hand piece, take it to a professional cleaner so that it will receive the proper treatment.

Choose the Right Cleaners

Do not be tempted to clean spills right away with soap or detergent. No matter how mild these cleaners are, there is still a chance that they can damage your furniture. More often than not, these cleaners wash away the natural oils of the leather. They may also darken it or cause the colour to fade.

Shut the Sunlight Out

Leather furniture pieces should be inside your home. No matter how beautiful they are, do not place them outside or near the windows where they will receive the highest amount of sunlight. Heat can cause leather to dry and crack. In case it is already inside your home and the sunlight still reaches it, Timber Interiors recommends covering the windows with exterior shutters or place it somewhere else.

Leather furniture is an investment that you would really want to last long. Keep these things in mind to make sure that your pieces will reach your family’s next generation.