Pest Control in ElkhartPests can bring a lot of hassles. You need to stop them as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Fortunately, comprehensive services are available for pest control. You can choose to use pesticide, though, in case the infestation is mild.

What to Buy

You should know what and where to buy pest control solutions in your area. Pick ready-to-use chemicals instead of powders and other products that require mixing. Buy separate pesticides for indoor and outdoor use. You should also get some bait as part of your initial protection.

How to Use

Before opening the pesticide, read the label first. The label contains information on how you should use the product. Follow the instructions accordingly. Wear long sleeves, pants, mask and goggles when you spray.

Make sure no one is in the house while you spray. Close or cover all possible entry and exit points. Stay outside for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what the label suggests.

What Not To Do

Don’t spray wildly. Doing so will just waste your pesticide. Just aim at the pests and their homes. Don’t apply too much as well. If the instructions say once, just spray once. Spraying twice or even thrice isn’t necessarily more effective. It might even become less effective as the pests become more resistant.

How to Store

An overhead cabinet or the cupboard below the sink are good storage sites for your pest control products. Make sure there are no holes and that they can be locked. Check the temperature of your chosen storage place as well. Put them in one big plastic container before you hide them.

How to Dispose

The label also contains instructions on how to properly throw away the pest control product. Never dispose it along with your usual household waste. Waste collectors will penalize you if you do. You can ask them instead on where to deliver your used pesticides.

Pests can be a burden if left neglected. Keep these things in mind to ensure safety in your home.