Rodents on a cookieRodent infestation is no laughing matter. They can cause some major property damage and even transmit diseases. There are many telltale signs that you have rats or mice in your property, such as droppings near a food source or shredded fabric or paper.

Of course, nobody wants to have rodents in their property, so here are several effective steps you can do to remove those pests:

Eliminate Rat Infestation With Traps

One of the most common ways to remove rodents is with the use of traps. But, industry experts at Greenside Pest Control note that there are several kinds of rat traps to consider.

Snap Trap: This is the oldest type of trap. It uses a spring-loaded bar that kills rodents on contact. Some modern snap traps are enclosed in a plastic box to prevent accidents involving children and pets.

Electronic Trap: This is one of the newer versions of rodent traps. It is a battery-powered trap that sends an electric shock to kill rodents immediately.

Live-Animal Trap: If you prefer not to kill the animals, then this type of trap is for you as this employs a catch and release system. However, you should be aware that some states forbid releasing rodents into the wild as it can urinate and spread disease.

Multiple-Catch Live Mouse Trap: This is also a catch and release system but is used to catch multiple rodents at a time.

Glue Trap: Glue traps use adhesive to trap rodents, but this can also trap birds, lizards, baby animals, and even your pets. Hence, it is not recommended.

Annihilate Rodents With Rodenticides

Rodenticides are used to poison rodents but it’s not only poisonous to rats and mice. It’s poisonous to any mammal. It can kill any animal that ingests the bait or consumes a poisoned rat or mouse. It might even get accidentally eaten by pets. You also have to take into consideration that rodents are likely to die in areas where they may not be retrieved, so you might end up being plagued with the smell of dead animal for weeks or even months.

Traps and poisons will not ensure that your home will be rodent-free in the future. They can come back anytime, so the best way to keep them out is to seal all possible entry points, such as holes near cabinets, closets, doors, sink, or appliance pipes. Rodents are attracted to food and water, so better keep your food tightly sealed and repair leaking pipes. When rodent control becomes too much of a challenge, you can always hire professionals to do the “dirty” work for you.