GutterGutters are critical components of a building, providing protection against the damaging effects of environmental elements, particularly inclement weather. With well-maintained gutters, your chances of dealing with costly water damage, rotting wooden structural components, and indoor flooding are reduced.

However, like any other part of your home, there comes a time when replacement may be necessary. This may be due to improper maintenance and care, or old age. When you’re up for replacement, know that Salt Lake City has a trendy gutter system, and it’s seamless.

The traditional versus the new

The segmented variant is the traditional type of gutters. Homeowners buy and install these in sections, allowing them to do the setting up on their own. However, despite the ease of installation,  seams made the gutters more prone to problems. Though This Old House and other sites offer tips on repairing gutter problems, it’s better if you don’t have to worry about any leaks, right?

Because of this, gutter manufacturers came up with the seamless version. As implied by the term, these don’t have segments. Salt Lake City’s says these new rain gutters come in a single sheet of material, usually steel, copper, or aluminum. Because they don’t have partitions, there are little to no risks of leaking associated with them.

Less maintenance, better performance

Aside from the reduced risks of leaks and other problems, seamless gutters also need less maintenance. They are easier to secure, and because they only come in one piece, installation is faster.

Yes, segmented gutters are less expensive than the seamless option, but the array of benefits and advantages delivered by the latter makes the extra expense worth it. This doesn’t mean it’s your automatic choice, though. Get more bang for your buck by choosing the gutter system that fits your needs — and wallet.