Tidy Up All the Holiday Clutter in AucklandThe holiday season has just ended. You still feel like it’s in the air after getting all your presents, seeing the whole family and setting up all the holiday decorations.

Speaking of decorations, there’s that dreaded chore of cleaning it all up. You have to keep everything away again and get rid of the Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a utility vehicle to bring your Christmas tree to a recycling facility or throw it out. A specialist from Metropolitan Rentals advised to get Metropolitan rentals or ute rental in Auckland to help you clean up and organise your home after the holidays.

Here are some more tiny little secrets on how you can keep your home spic and span after the holidays.

Prepare Two Boxes

You’ll use these two boxes to sort the decorations and all the things you got during the holidays. Of course, you shouldn’t include the presents that you particularly liked.
In one box, toss all stuff that you want to keep or use again for the next holiday season. Label it with the word ‘keep’ or anything you like. Put all the other remaining items in the other box.

You can throw away the items from the unlabelled box. Make sure that this box and items in it will go to where you intend them to be. Otherwise, it will go back to you.

Recycle or Donate Discarded Items

Alternatively, you can recycle or donate items in the unlabelled box. You can also do this with items from the ‘keep’ box. For example, you can recycle Christmas cards as gift tags for the next holiday season.

How About the Christmas Tree?

Get a pick-up truck or ute rental in Auckland to get rid of your Christmas tree. It’s the perfect vehicle to transport huge items such as a tree.

However, make sure that you bring your tree to the right facility or throw it away in an appropriate area. Don’t just leave it at the side of the road.