Shades of Coffee and Chocolate: Brown for Your Home’s Interior

Home Makeover in Australia

Home Makeover in Australia Some of the best memories involve shades of brown: a cup of warm chocolate during cold winter nights, fresh chocolate chip cookies from Mum’s oven, or some sweet maple syrup over Sunday’s pancakes.

Brown shades are the most pleasant and subtle tones available. Why not consider this rich colour for your home? If you are thinking of a little change in your colour scheme, give this shade a chance. You might end up loving the results.

Believing in Brown

Most people shy away from this warm shade, believing that there are limited choices. On the contrary, brown has the widest selection of colour varieties. This is because brown derives from the blending of two opposite colours (e.g. red and green, blue and orange or violet and gold)., a painting specialist, states that brown is capable of assuming different looks; you can go chic or elegant with a singular shade. Browns with a blue-violet tint work for a cooler ambience, while browns with reds work for a warmer interior. This shade’s versatility gives you endless potentials, which creates different feels and looks for your home.

Making It with Mocha: Home Ideas

Start with your master bedroom. For the bathroom, most people use tiles and granites that perfectly combine with the brown. This shade plays well with the surfaces and flatters the tone of your bathroom mirror. See yourself in the best light with dashes of warm, brown hues.

For your room, taupe colours (a darker shade of tan with hints of greyish brown) are a beautiful complement to crisp white bed sheets or drapes.

For the dining room, go with a deep chocolate brown to create additional drama and pair it with some wine-coloured curtains. The brown shade also works well with sapphire and cobalt, as well as creates a relaxing and luxurious feel, which makes a statement.

Working with Balance and Versatility

Brown gives you endless choices, especially in terms of feel and tone. From the accent to the main affair, a wide selection of options is available. It is important that you balance the cool and warm aspects of brown to make it work for your home. By pairing light with dark, you add depth and visual interest.

Make the most out of your space with this inviting colour. Work with a colour consultant to figure out which brown shades work best for your interior.