Skiing SpreeDiscover a unique and pleasant way to welcome the cold season when you spend it in Val d'Isere. Fostering the community's natural beauty even during winter, Val d'Isere can give you more. If you're planning to spend your ski holidays in Val d'Isere, here's Ski Line Limited's quick cheat sheet.


Enjoy a fuel up and modern version of the biathlon in Val d'Isere. The commune serves you with unique rifle shooting and cross-country skiing, which you can usually witness during an Olympic event. Pump up your athletic spirits when you try this winter sport.

Movie & Cinema

Got caught up in a bad weather? No worries, the place also offers movie houses airing some of the greatest and perhaps, your favourite films.

Cheese Farm Visit

Taste some of France's delicious and world-famous cheeses by visiting the Manchet valley. Around the area, you will find Ferme de l'Adroit which serves the best-tasting French cheeses that will definitely excite your palate.

Ice Climbing or Trekking

If you're one of those people who enjoy climbing the mountains, then ice climbing might just be a good try. Discover beautiful glaciers and ice formations as you conquer the greatest slopes of Val d'Isere. What's more is this can be both enjoyed by beginners and seasoned climbers.

Ice-Karting (or Ice-Driving)

Enjoy the speed of go-kart rides by trying out the commune's ice driving circuit lane, situated in La Daille. Have a head-to-head battle against your friends or family by going on a race with them. Surely, this is something you can never find in any other ski resorts.

Create memorable and fun times with your family by spending holidays in Val d'Isere. From common snow activities to unique and new winter sports, you are sure to enjoy a lifetime's worth of experience.