Steel Tanks in PapamoaWhen you start drilling a deep well for your new water system, you will have several options to choose from for your water tank material: fibreglass, plastic and steel. While all these choices have their own advantages, steel always comes out on top in the long run despite being more expensive. The following reasons should convince you to take advantage of this material.

Steel Is Hygienic

As these tanks keep potable water, maintaining the level of tank cleanliness is vital to prevent water contamination. Thanks to the corrosion-resisting property of steel, steel tanks will keep dirt and bacteria that can make you sick out. Given how steel keeps everything hygienic, hospitals prefer using steel water tanks.

Steel Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

You can buy a steel tank in whatever size or shape you wish. You can customise this material to fit your space and needs. You can even design the tanks to fit with the landscaping and architecture for your home.

Steel Is Built to Last

Steel tanks last a very long time and do not need additional treatment to maintain its strength. In fact, depending on the welding quality, steel tanks have a lifespan between 30 to 100 years. It can also withstand extreme temperatures from fires, making them a dependable material for your water supply. Lastly the tank pays for itself as you will avoid the need for maintenance and replacement.

Steel Is Recyclable

Steel is a more eco-friendly option because 50 per cent of its material is recyclable. Once it reaches the end of its useful life, it will not take up landfill space. Sometimes, you can even get money selling steel as scrap metal when you send it away for recycling, creating a win-win situation.

Steel is indeed a good choice for a water tank material. When using this type of tank, make sure to check for any distortion on the material so that you can raise the problem to a professional tank engineer.