Chinese Garden in ChinaBarrel-shaped ceramic stools are becoming more and more popular as a decorating accessory. It adds lustre and colour to any room while also acting as side tables or room accents. This fixture is called a Chinese garden stool and, as the name suggests, originates from China.


Chinese garden stools have existed for at least 1,000 years. The shape and design have been linked to the Buddhist garden tradition that incorporates natural elements like tree stumps and smooth rocks as seating for the garden.

Modern Use

Most modern adaptations of garden stools still use the classic ceramic as the material of choice, although metal and wood versions exist. And though they are called Chinese garden stools, they can even be used indoors. Here are some ideas that you can try in your home.

  • Use it as an end table – Modern versions of the garden stool come in vibrant colours such as lime green, red, orange, and blue, with the traditional ones coming in blue and white. You can use them to add a punch of colour to any room. They are the perfect size to hold your drinks and snacks or a book while you relax in your living room.
  • Put them inside the bathroom – Since most Chinese garden stools are made of ceramic, they are naturally waterproof. Because of this, you can place one inside your bathroom to hold a stack of towels or use as a table for a book or your phone while you’re soaking in the tub.
  • Turn them into night lights – You can turn your Chinese garden stools into night lights by simply placing an electric candle or battery-operated light on the inside of the stool. With this, you can light up a dark spot in the hallway or add some mood lighting to any room. And by using waterproof light fixtures, you can even add some ambiance to your garden after the sun goes down.

The Chinese garden stool has been around for some time and it seems that it will be a permanent fixture in homes for quite a while. With its versatility and different characters, it is the perfect accessory to any room.