Orthodontic Treatment in Stansbury ParkWith the availability of information on the internet, many people find it hard to distinguish what is right or wrong. In fact, some are frightened or unsure of undergoing orthodontic treatment because of the misconceptions.

Here are some of them:

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #1: Orthodontic Treatment Is Just for Children

Considering that you have a generally healthy periodontal condition, you could undergo orthodontic treatment at any age. In fact, 1 out of 5 people undergoing orthodontic treatment is an adult.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #2: Treatment Will Take Too Much of my Time

Not really, you could actually complete your orthodontia treatment in less than six months, says Stansbury Park Orthodontics. The treatment duration will be dependent on specific dental malpositions, a movement required, and appliances to be used.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #3: Wearing Braces Is Extremely Painful

Take note that there’s a big difference between feeling pain and feeling discomfort. Most of the discomfort you’re feeling will fade away in a month or so, or a day or two after each adjustment. Generally, the discomfort you feel won’t really get past the point where taking pain medication won’t provide relief.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #4: Only Braces Could Give Me That Beautiful Smile

Although fixed braces are pretty much standard in orthodontic treatment since they’re efficient and versatile, nowadays, there are other technologies and devices capable of correcting malocclusions and they come in various types and materials — clear or colored brackets as well as plastic and ceramic materials that look and feel more aesthetically pleasing. Do note, however, not all newer orthodontic appliances could correct the more complex malocclusions.

Orthodontic Treatment Myth #5: I Simply Can’t Afford Orthodontic Treatment

Simply not true. Early orthodontic treatment is actually cost-effective rather than waiting for more complex orthodontic issues to develop, which will cost you more later on. Likewise, plenty of orthodontists offer flexible payment plans and you could also use third-party providers to help you pay for the treatment.

To sum up, orthodontic treatment is one the most effective cosmetic procedures that are suitable for people of all ages. It could be completed in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal aches and discomfort. That said, don’t let these orthodontic treatment myths stop you from getting that smile you’ve always wanted.