Upgrading Your HomeRewarding yourself should come naturally when you close a big deal or when you've received a performance bonus from your company. You can also, however, aim to reward yourself by upgrading your home since you do live there.

Here are some gifts to treat yourself and your home in one go: 

An Audio Visual Set-Up – This is not just for movies in your family room, but to set the mood in your whole house with a centralized audio system. You might want to stock up on downloadable movies and music or cable. By getting some professional help, Coastal Innovations says you can create your ideal in-home theater. 

A State-of-the-Art Security System – Probably one of the most practical purchases you can make since it keeps your home safe and can boost your property's market value. Research on the top security systems on the market today and compare services, prices and package inclusions when making your choices. Also, make sure that the company you hire to install your security system has a good reputation and solid history with its clients.

A Home Office Setup – Now you don't need to stay at the office to finish those prints or reports. Have a home office installed in your house, complete with all the standard equipment necessary.  Select compact furniture and office equipment models to maximize your house's space. After all, your home is still primarily for your rest and relaxation.

Exercise Equipment – Exercise not only keeps you healthy, they also help one de-stress after a long day's work. Whether it's a foldable exercise bike or a room filled with gym equipment, make sure that your exercise area has recreational appeal. Add a mini-AV set up so you can play music or watch a movie while you complete your sets.

What better way to reward yourself than improving your home? When you make some improvements, your house will be more comfortable and relaxing. So choose one of these rewards and enjoy yourself at home with your new additions. You and your house deserve the treat.