Perfect Bicycle for You in BrisbaneAs you look through the displays of bike shops in Brisbane City, you will most definitely encounter bicycles of all kinds. Such a wide array of bikes may make you wonder just what kind of bike you want to get. To help you pick the best bike for you, here is a short guide.

Way of Cycling

One way to know what bike you want is to choose your bike depending on what cycling you plan to do. Your cycling style will then determine the type of bike you are looking for, narrowing your choices down to a specific type. There are many bike types out there. Briefly, the types are BMX, cargo, children’s, cruisers, electric, folding, hybrid, mountain, and road, among many others.

Frame Specifics

When you already have a specific bike type in mind, you can move on to considering the bike frame. You have to think about the height of your bike, the distance of your seat to the handlebars, and the frame size. You can simply choose depending on your level of comfort as comfort is the crucial element here.

Bike Material

After frame specifications, you can think about bike material. You can choose between, steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre, explains an expert from The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop. Steel is strong and shock-absorbent. Aluminium is light and rust resistant. Finally, carbon fibre is both light and shock-absorbent.

Number of Gears

It is time for gears next. You can choose how many gears you want to have, although this will largely be dependent on your bike type. City-commuters can go with five to eight gears. When you want speed, by all means, you can go for as many gears as possible.

Other Factors

Other factors you can think about are tyres, wheels and accessories. Accessories include helmets, grips, pedals, racks, bells, lights and reflectors. Basically, your choice of tyres, wheels, and accessories will also depend on your way of cycling and bike type.

You can follow this guide during your holiday bike shopping to find that perfect bike for you. Happy cycling!