Ensuring Good Results on Property ValuationWhen you invite someone in to assess the value of your property, what do you think the verdict will be? Is it a quality option that will be featured in select property markets? A valuation expert observes details, takes measurements, photographs key aspects of the property, and asks questions. 

Before a surveyor’s visit, you have to prepare yourself for the valuation process. Hely & Associates Pty Ltd explains more below.

What is the impact of your property to the observer?

A surveyor’s visit to your home is one of the essential aspects of the home-buying process. While the details matter in the final reckoning, the valuation figure of your property depends on the valuer’s first impression. Before you avail of professional valuation services, perhaps you should take a hard look at the property first. As you take in the overall impact of the house and lot, ask yourself, “Will you buy it again if you are on the lookout for property to invest in?”

Elements that contribute to a fair valuation

Current demand is one of the most important factors surveyors consider, but there are other contributory elements. The figure you will get at the end of the evaluation is the summation of an analysis of various factors. Properties are judged based on location, size, age, layout, fittings, and improvements in the structure, wear and tear, and storage space, among others.

Increasing the perceived value of your property

How can you improve the building and its surroundings so that it performs well in the market today? Removing clutter increases the size of the rooms especially if they are not that big to begin with. Cleaning the internal walls and internal cladding gives your home a fresher look despite its age. Planting perennials along the walkway or improving the landscaping of the front yard can go a long way in increasing desirability.

There are many other things you can do to boost the appeal of your house and lot. With a little preparation for the arrival of property valuers, residents can hope for a promising value of the property.